Disney isn’t the only place that has dazzling light shows. During the holiday season, zoo lights brighten up many of the country’s beloved wildlife parks and they’re just as majestic.


Featuring life-size animal lanterns, light tunnels, and light parades, hundreds of visitors flock to see these rare attractions every year.


If you don’t have plans to install zoo lights yet, here are the best reasons that will convince you to go ahead and do it:

1. Boost your ticket sales during a slow time.


“We said, ‘Well, not many people come from Thanksgiving till New Year’s, what can we do? Well, let’s have an event. Let’s have it at night when the zoo typically isn’t even open.’ It provides an experience you won’t get elsewhere.” – Thane Maynard, Cincinnati Zoo Director


Let’s face it, the cold winter winds and occasional snow can make everyone want to stay warm and cozy inside their homes. They will need an extra incentive to get out. A once-a-year, breathtaking exhibition of a million lights and large-scale lanterns should do the trick!

2. Offer seasonal experiences for your guests.


“As fans know, Zoo Lights finds the zoo grounds illuminated with thousands of LED bulbs — a favorite is the 125-foot-long Infinity Tunnel of Light — while the animals snooze. Guests are encouraged to stroll and sip on hot chocolate, build their own s’mores, and snap pics with Santa at his workshop.” – Culture Map Houston


Zoos that have winter zoo lights exhibitions go all out and offer new experiences that aren’t available during any other time of the year. Aside from the s’mores making and photoshoots at Santa’s workshop, some zoos put up ice slides, train rides, and hire carolers or ice performers, to name a few. Going through the zoo during this time would be like spending time inside a snow globe.

3. Start a tradition your customers will look forward to.


“We see generations of kids from years ago coming with their parents, grandparents, and that’s really what it is about–enjoying the family time and the holiday season.,” – Steve Sanders, Chief of Staff, Kern County Superintendent of Schools on the California Living Museum Zoo Holiday Lights


Some zoos have been doing their winter light shows for decades and they all say the same thing: it turns into a family tradition. Nothing beats seeing the joy on the faces of everyone from kids to grandparents as they take a stroll around your wonderland!

4. It’s a great way to support an important cause.


“… every time someone visits The Living Desert, they help further our mission to save endangered species, so we invite everyone to join the festivities while supporting an important cause.” – Allen Monroe, president, and CEO of The Living Desert 


If you donate a portion of your profits to a cause, putting up a light show will definitely boost up your donations, too. Apart from the bigger ticket sales, you can even create a separate portion of the attraction that would generate money specifically for the cause.

There’s absolutely no reason why your zoo should be left behind on this trend. Unleash your creativity and start planning your display for the next winter! 

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