Welcome to the gallery page. Please understand we are a custom designer and manufacturer of lamp artwork. We don’t manufacture bulk products and do not have catalogs of stock. We custom design and manufacture based on our client needs, as well as our ability to come up with unique ideas for our clients. Please check out a very summary glimpse of the following themes and examples we have recently designed and manufactured below. This is only ‘scratching the surface, but it is a good idea as to what we do and the quality we guarantee.

Día de los Muertos [DAY OF THE DEAD]

We are known for Dia de los Muertos and are the only lamp manufacturing company that is trusted to handle these projects correctly. We love Dia de los Muertos and it is one of our expert – specialty designed and manufacturing themes – we love these projects.


We began custom designing and fabrication of animal related lamps, and it became a huge success inside the zoo industry, quickly becoming a major element to Zoo lights across America, and eventually spanning worldwide. The global zoo industry is excited about our animal themed lamps and the custom fabrication ability allows us to create lamps to match the animals they love, and the animals they care for and love inside their parks.


Our experience designing and manufacturing Sea Life and other Aquatic related animals is extensive. We have created Whales that were large enough to walk through, with a runner feature to develop a more immersive element. We have created hundreds of styles of sea creatures, as well as every detail of the aquatic environment, such as seaweed lamps, star fish lamps, coral reef lamps, and other elements to builder the ocean scene and enable a real, practical sea adventure filled with illumination.


Botanical elements are also a themed category we are often requested to custom design and fabricate. We have endless experience in the designing and development of Jungle related botanicals, Jurassic-related botanicals, flowers, tulips, palm trees, and the list continues. It is quite endless, but we love creating botanicals as it is quite beautiful, and it never gets old to see such beauty illuminate. Botanical gardens have also taken a high interest in our lamp craft, and they are very well matched with our botanical creations.


Very straight forward category, and though insects are not as glamorous as rose petals and tulips, we can still design and produce some very beautiful and vibrant insect-related lamps. Butterflies are created with multiple colors and are quite beautiful. We enjoy adding numerous colors to Ladybugs, bees, and other types.


The creation of reptiles is also a lot of fun. We love the creation of alligators, large snakes, and other suspenseful creatures. The completion of these lamps is exciting, as these can be very realistic to the physical appearance of the real reptile.


People seem to really love the creation of dinosaurs and the fantasy of going back into the Jurassic era. We also enjoy creating lamps inside the dinosaur category, and we often times will include an animatronic component inside the illuminating lamps, where the dinosaur lamps can move – in order to make the experience even more realistic. We are known for the very high quality of the exterior artwork. We do invest a lot of time and energy in order to ensure very fine details, and that is definitely one very big difference between our lamp design and fabrication ability versus others inside the industry. Check it out below – see for yourself


Holiday, winter-themed, and Christmas-related themed lighting does have quite an appeal, and we have mastered this element as we take on these projects every year. Our holiday lights design and production ability is beyond comparison, and we have physically seen millions of people over joyed and excited to see our work of art during the holiday season. It is motivating to see we have been able to bring excitement and happiness to the world, and there is no better feeling than that.


This is our chance to dive really deep into imagination and creativity. Fairy Tale-themed lights, with respect to custom designing and production of these lamps, are absolutely exciting. There are really no words to describe the endless ability to think of new creations and ideas. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Magical worlds are full of endless ideas and a world that becomes your domain.


Myths and Legends-themed lamp scenes are very closely related to the feeling we all receive when experiencing fairy tale lantern scenes. It is also another deep dive into fantasy and creation.


The category of Ancient History-themed lamps allows us the opportunity to apply education and historical facts to our designs and creations. It gives us the opportunity to share stories of the past and to physically relive those ancient stories in an exciting, immersive, and illuminating experience.


World cultural themes are also a major themed category of LEKTRIK. Many parks have relied on us to custom design and manufacture lamps relative to the world’s excellent culture – as we are here to celebrate world culture and the cultural diversity this world has to offer.


Another important themed category inside our arsenal of skills is Fine Art. We love art and creativity, and there is no possible way we would ever exclude the idea of Fine Art from our design and development. We do understand that not everybody will be able to appreciate Fine Art – it is not something that appeals to everyone; however, we simply feel it is important that people do understand that we dont just produce ‘lights’ – that is not what we are about – we custom design, and handcraft our lamps with detail and care.


Local Iconic elements are also a favorite theme, where we can focus on the local culture, as well as local landmarks.  This is an exciting theme, as it also allow us more opportunity to go deeper into the local culture – and history.