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About Us

LEKTRIK is the only American-owned lantern arts company in the entire industry, and remarkably, one of the largest exporter of lanterns ‘lantern art’ in all of China. Many find it hard to believe that an American entity deep inside the industry’s largest manufacturing hub in China emerged to the top. However, something like this doesn’t happen by accident.  We have a ferocious will to succeed, and operating with a strict adherence to highest levels of Quality & Ethics.
The company we OWN in China is called Zigong Shijieyijia Culture Communication Co., Ltd 自贡世 界一家文化传播有限责任公司. In English, it means Zigong One World Culture Communication, developed to oversee our local factory and office management in Zigong, Sichuan, China, where we design, fabricate, package, and ship. We own another major company in Orlando, FL, USA, called LEKTRIK Worldwide, LLC, formerly called China Lantern International, LLC, operating the entire worldwide international business unit as well as local US inventory. This is our main headquarter office, as well as the sole owner and operator of both companies.

Our designs and production are 100% custom-made, handcrafted lantern art, by hundreds of talented artisans for each unique location. Our exhibitions worldwide are created with brand new custom designs each year, bringing a fresh new theme to all of our partner locations around the globe. This is the reason why our annual attendance grows each year, as we pride ourselves in the quality we bring to all of our events, coupled with the ability to bring new themes each and every year.

We are proud to say that our quality is unbeatable. We have an unwavering commitment to provide the only authentic lantern arts experience worldwide. We are not only the world leaders in Lantern Arts; but world leaders within the entire holiday lights and lighting industry. We can create any theme imaginable, and there is nothing we can’t do. We are always looking for the next challenge; We welcome it!

LEKTRIK began formation in 2017/2018, out of an uprising reorganization. LEKTRIK emerged out of an uprising reorganization that officially emancipated in 2019. During this process, we pulled administration, design, and production into one organization, creating a more efficient platform. The great call to action and uprising was based on a system of fairness, opportunity, and ethics; with a strict adherence to Quality.  Further, we are believers in the celebration of all of the World’s Excellent Culture, and a promotor of cultural diversity.  We evolved into the only culturally diverse group in the industry, staffing and recruiting people from many different cultures & backgrounds, worldwide.  We believe that cultural singularity, especially inside an industry that attempts to do business globally, inhibits their ability to properly design on a world perspective. Our creative designs and theming is more broad minded, which naturally opens the door to promote the celebration of all of the worlds excellent culture. That is what makes us unique.
The Future of LEKTRIK: We are expanding exponentially fast, and constantly opening more positions. We have positions that we need to open, that we simply haven’t had time to open, so the best situation is to simply send your resume. We are always hiring. Please contact our HR Department, [email protected], and submit your resume. We have available positions in the USA and China. If you are bilingual in Chinese and English, that is a substantial benefit but not required. Please also review our Careers section here: http://j5e.4f1.myftpupload.com/careers.
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According to Archaeologists, the invention of the lamp, occurred around 70,000 BC in the Mediterranean region. Vastly used throughout Ancient Egypt, and ultimately, the lantern art was innovated and established by the Greeks, which eventually advanced throughout the Roman Empire. In 600 BC, the Greeks invented terracotta lamps, thereby replacing the ancient handheld torches. The root of the modern lantern, was established by the Greeks. The word Lamp is even derived from the Greek word lampas. Shortly thereafter, handcrafted lamp art flourished throughout the Roman Empire, making the Roman Empire the largest supplier of handcrafted lamp art in the world. The Roman Empire simply continued the innovation, and organically shared it with the world; as the Roman Empire was the modern day global marketplace.


The very first lantern festivals date back anywhere between 3,000 – 4000 BC, originating in Ancient Egypt, where numerous lamp festivals were celebrated.

If we examine the history of lantern celebrations in Ancient Asia, we will find that the 2 most historic traditions that involve the celebration of lights and lamps, which are still being practiced today, would be Diwali and Hanukkah. Diwali was introduced in Ancient India around 527 BC, meanwhile the Ancient Israelites (Asia minor) began their tradition of Festival of Lights after they defeated the Greeks around 164 BC.  Many years later, approximately 300-400 years later, the original lamp celebrations of Asia eventually began to influence Chinese culture.  The reason for this breakdown is mainly based on a common misrepresentation of historic facts, in reference to the history and origination of ‘lantern festival’

[Festival of Neith was an ancient Egyptian Festival that included celebration of lamps and lanterns. It was an annual festival that continued on for many years, even possibly influencing the Roman Empire’s popular lantern festival, Lychnapsia]


The Exhibitions we custom design and install are considered to be very entertaining and high energy. However, we take additional steps to ensure we are not just ‘meeting’ expectations, as we are focused on ‘exceeding’ expectations; and by doing so, we add something inside, called ‘Value-added Entertainment,’ with the addition of performers, handcraft artisans, and other forms of added entertainment. We have a variety of options depending on the themes we incorporate into our designs.


Our exhibitions go even further than a bunch of lamp sets.  We share stories, and education through the art work; such as history, fairy tales, world culture, creativity, and innovation/advancement. Our artwork contain a powerful element that words alone cannot reach. Walk slowly through our lantern art, and do not walk so fast. Pay attention to the detail, the craft, the artwork; try to absorb the story, as well as the essence that surround you.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island: Miami, Florida

In 2019/2020, it was our first year of cooperation with Jungle Island in Miami, FL. The exhibition was called “Luminosa,” taking on a very Miami/South Florida Theme. Luminosa is just part 1 of what will be an annual tradition inside Miami for many years to come. Our Jungle Island Lantern Festival Luminosa exhibition gathered almost 100,000 people. Our combined efforts shocked Miami as being the first, only, and largest handcrafted artistic lumination exhibition in the entire state of Florida. This was truly the unique Lantern Festival operating in the world. We are proud of our creativity coupled with our flexible ability to develop any theme imaginably.

Family At The Festival

Nashville Zoo, Nashville, TN

The NashvilleZoo Lantern Festival was our first year of cooperation together in Nashville, TN. Our partnership with the Nashville Zoo for the 2019/2020 season attracted more than 150,000 people. The exhibition was called “Zoolumination” and is presently considered the largest Lantern Festival operating in the U.S. This was a multi-theme creation, with a Christmas village, Chinese elements, and animals and plant life. Our partnership with the Nashville Zoo “Zoolumination” has developed into an annual tradition, with many years ahead. We will continue to change themes, and enhance both our brands together, creating more incredible themes to give the city of Nashville a larger and fresher look each year.

Cultural Lighting

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Charleston, SC

LEKTRIK lit up Charleston, South Carolina in 2019/2020 at the historic Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. It was a beautiful Asian cultured theme installation, 100% handcrafted delicate lantern art. This amazing exhibition at Magnolia Plantation was called ‘Lights of Magnolia,’ and it was a great first-year experience in Charleston, SC. Over 75,000 locals admired the artistic creation, and we are excited to come back to Charleston again very soon!
Couple At The Festival

City of Beziers - Festival des Lanternes, France

Truly remarkable! A small town in France called Beziers partnered with LEKTRIK to introduce the small town of France to a Lantern Festival, offering multiple themes such as dinosaurs, animals, and sea life. The Mayor of Beziers funded the entire exhibition, so the people of France could enjoy this delicate lantern art, free of charge.
Kids on Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster UK

Winter Illuminations at Yorkshire Wildlife Park are now becoming an annual holiday tradition. The Winter Illumination light and lantern trail will continue to return to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, with multiple enchanted worlds to journey through; each year is going to be bigger and better than the last year. Over 150,000 in attendance, this extraordinary custom-designed lights spectacular is becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. The reviews are excellent and based on popular demand. The festival will continue.



Attended Luminosa in Miami and had an amazing time. Beautiful displays of the highest quality. Hoping to attend another lantern festival soon by China Lantern International dba ZIGONG

Michael Fuller

Stunning display!

Tatiana Besson Designation

We went to Luminosa night and it was fantastic! The zoo at night doesn't have animals out but the lanterns are superb to see. I really enjoyed the beauty and elegance of each lantern. I'm so glad we made time to go.

Tim Cronkhite

I went for Luminosa at night and impressed with all decorations. There are some romantic spots to listen to live music and have a drink. There was also an acrobatics show, very short but really cool.

Yanay Viera Lorenzo

Love the Luminosa event! The lights were pretty to look at meanwhile the shows were fun to watch as well

Alejandro Espinoza

Loved the Chinese Lantern Festival! We approached each exhibit like it was art, marveling at the workmanship, the colors, and the composition. I read to allow 1 to 1.5 hours. We took 2. I could have stayed longer at the fire pits. It was great!

Linda Zajac

The festival of lights at Southwick Zoo was beautiful. I bought a beautiful purple and white lamp that now hangs in my bedroom. Great memories

Tracy Benedetti

Zoolumination was incredible. Actually, fairly stunning. While the zoo's basic gourmet hasn't changed (the basic path), there are a number of new exhibits in beautiful enclosures. Of course the monkey enclosure in the women's bathroom was awesome.

Heather O'Malley

Zoolumination was delightful and enchanting. It felt peaceful to walk around the zoo at night, such a beautiful place, and then to have the amazing displays all lit up. I very much appreciate the signage regarding each display, very informative. I think families of all ages would enjoy it.

Erin Tapken

Wow. Zoolumination was amazing! The entire zoo was decorated, and it all was totally cool and very unique. Highly recommend!

Emily Routi

Zoolumination was fabulous. Great show. Loved it!

Joe-Anna Parker

The Zoolumination is a total hit! They have a short acrobatic show worth seeing.

Heidi Beck

Had a great time. Went to the Zoolumination with my boyfriend and his brother and his girlfriend. Enjoyed all the lights and even got to see parts of the zoo. Great job on everyone putting it together. Looks like a lot of hard work

Jessica Reed

Festival Illumination of lights at the zoo was great last night. The perfect environment for the showing.

Mark W. Paro

The backstory to this display is as amazing as the display itself.

When the sun goes down, the gardens are lit up by 23 hand-made, 3-dimensional, brightly colored silk and steel sculptures spread over 9 acres that make up the “Lights of Magnolia: Reflections of a Cultural Exchange” lantern festival -- the first authentic lantern festival at a public garden in North America. The magnitude of this exhibit is matched only by its magnificence: the displays, built in China and shipped to the U.S. for assembly on site, filled 11 tractor trailers! The dragon, which is 200 feet long and 45 feet high at the head, is constructed using 26,600 pieces of porcelain dinnerware (see detail in photos). Insight into the “behind the scenes stories” of these structures makes wandering among them even more magical. “Lights of Magnolia” is open Wednesday thru Sunday for 4 months, ending 3/15/20.


Magnolia plantation & gardens 12 generations of Drayton family descendent have lived here. This place was established IN 1676. We did the train ride, I WOULD definitely recommend it because it does show you a lot of the history, plant life, and wildlife. Magnolia gardens have been famous since the 1800s and has been known as the most beautiful garden in the world. 500 acres. Duckweed on the ponds, it looks like a layer of scum but are tiny, tiny, little green plants. They are getting ready for the Chinese Lantern Festival and it looks like it's going to be incredible. I heard that they had seven shipping containers full of decorations for this festival they also had the people come from China to be able to assemble all the lights and decorations. If you look closely at the dragon you can see that it's made out of plates, So beautiful and so artistic. I want to go back to see that festival. We got to see behind the scenes before the Chinese lantern Festival started.. Next time I am in this area I WOULD go back because I didn't have enough time to see how the things that they offer.

Cindy L.

What a beautiful installation!! It far exceeded our expectations and I encourage all our friends and family to check it out!!

Martha Senf

Amazing display of artisan craftsmanship, truly breathtaking – do not miss!

Andy Rankin

Had a great time. It's amazing!

Medghine Stinfort

By far my favorite zoo! We became members because of all the great events they hold. Just went to the Festival of Illumination and it was FANTASTIC!

Chris Rapaciolli - Key To The Dream Realty Group

Great place ordinarily. When they do night-time events it's even better!! Fun night of lighted Chinese lantern dioramas!

Mike Pucci

Magnifique on a, adoré. Magnificent, we loved it!

Jo Ce

Vraiment sublime !!!! On aimerait tous en avoir qq1 au jardin.bravo à vous c'est superbe
Really sublime! We would all like to have one in the garden. congratulations to you it's great

Laure Damion Pecquenard Pekdam

Nous avons passez un super moment. Vraiment jolie nous y sommes allez de jour et de nuit magnifique .mon fil c est régalé. Bravo a vous.
We had a great time. Really pretty we are there day and night magnificent. my thread is overjoyed. Congratulations to you.

Corine Boye

Vraiment superbe. A voir! Merci beaucoup
Really gorgeous. Must see! Thank you very much

Gillian Mankarious

C était magnifique !!!
It was magnificent!!!

Audrey Boniface

This year Southwick outdid themselves with Illuminations. The show was fantastic. It is still on until November 1, 2021. A must-see. It is worth every penny. The family had an enjoyable evening

Donna Darveau