What are Zoo Lights?

Zoo Lights are additional lights placed into the zoo for decoration and made to brighten up the nights of late winter. Every zoo has its personal preference as to how it should decorate and install lights. Some zoo locations prefer to do it themselves (not recommended), meanwhile other zoo locations will obtain 3rd party experts, who specialize in lighting, to perform the installation for them.


Once the sun goes down, Zoo lights are a way in which you can enjoy your experience inside a zoo during the evening hours. It creates a lot of excitement for people to have the opportunity to visit the zoo during the after-hours operation. The zoo during the night takes on a spectacular Disney feeling with its magical atmosphere!


Winter is the best season for zoo lights, as the sun sets earlier during the winter season than any other season. The only negative in reference to winter lights at the zoo is that they can become quite cold. During these times, it’s best to dress as warm as possible, with multiple layers of clothes, gloves, and scarf; so that way you can enjoy every second of the zoo lights while you are outdoors.

How Are Zoo Lights And Lanterns Prepared?

In case you’re interested in having your very own custom-made zoo lights and lanterns, then look no further than LEKTRIK. It is an award-winning company where the lanterns are handmade, customized, and presented with stunning art. Any zoo that is interested in customized handcrafted lantern art that illuminates, would need to simply submit dimensions, photos, and suggestions. LEKTRIK will consider the information and create a design accordingly.

What Materials are used for Zoo Lights?

The material includes but is not limited to, the highest quality silk for the lantern’s exterior, steels rods for the lantern’s interior, LED lights, and special adhesive to bind the delicate silk to the steel frame. In other cases, glass or porcelain could be used as the exterior instead of using silk.

What is the Timeline for Zoo Lights Installation?

The timeline is always based on the design, complexity, and size of the products that need to be installed. If this is a custom design for a very specific zoo, and the quality is very high, the entire process, including design, shipping, and installation could be a 7-month process.

What is the Quantity of lights used for a Zoo Lights event?

The number of lanterns produced is unlimited and can be ordered at any time. There is no shortage of workers or materials which can be called. But keep in mind that you can’t rush perfection, so make sure to order well in advance, especially if you have a huge festival or public event taking place.

What Types of Zoo Lights can be made?

There is no limit to the types which can be produced. Since this is a custom-designed zoo lights operation, all ideas are welcome, and any animal shape can be built into a lamp.

Which company is producing Zoo Lights?

The most famous company inside the zoo lights industry is LEKTRIK. They are also the only American-owned Lantern Arts company inside the industry.

What is the Best Method of obtaining Zoo Lights for your Zoo?

The partnership method is the best method for obtaining a large-scale exhibition of lanterns or lamps. Not only is it the highest quality, but there are no major fees upfront. Not all zoo locations would qualify for this method, but if your zoo does quality, it’s definitely the best win-win scenario to achieve a world-class Zoo lights exhibition at your location.

Are Zoo Lights Environmentally Friendly?

If the Zoo Lights are produced by LEKTRIK, then we can certainly count on those Zoo Lights to be environmentally friendly. The LEKTRIK way of reducing, reusing, and recycling methods is truly something to admire. All lights inside our lamps are LED, and we have developed innovations with waste reduction and other processes to help protect the environment.

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