Employee Benefits

Our industry-leading employee benefits at LEKTRIK provide valuable resources and tools to help you realize your full potential.
LEKTRIK is an employee first company. We focus on our staff, as our talented staff is what makes LEKTRIK, the #1 company inside the industry. We value our employees, and we continue to urge you to focus on our actions; as our actions will tell you, that our employees are our #1 priority.
All Full Time Permanent Employees at LEKTRIK will be given the following benefits below
  1. Medical Insurance coverage after 3 months full time employment.
  2. Dental Insurance coverage after 3 months full time employment.
  3. 1 Week Paid time off for Volunteer Work
  4. Global Exercise Reimbursement
  5. Very Generous Bonus Incentive Compensation plan outside your base salary
  6. Educational Courses and Credits for higher Education
  7. Overseas Travel and Expense Reimbursement
  8. Annual Paid time Off and Holiday Paid Time Off
  9. Vacation Packages and Other Corporate Benefits/Awards for our Star Employees
You deserve to work for a company that values you, your talent, and your skills. If you are part of our LEKTRIK family, you will be part of a real family, that cherish you. Join our award winning team today, and prepare for an incredible future. Do not hesitate to join us.
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