How We Hire

Step 1: Explore our company and industry and analyze where your skills could benefit our organization. You may also conduct a search to see which positions are available. If you find that you have skills that could be beneficial toward the growth and sustainability of our company, please do not hesitate to apply. LEKTRIK is eager to learn more about you.
Step 2: Apply for the position, or send your resume directly to [email protected]
Step 3: If we find a match for your skills relative to a job opening, we will be in contact to set up your first initial interview. Our HR Department will analyze your background and communicate with you for a first round of interviews via telephone.
Step 4: If you pass the first phone screening with our HR Department, you will be prompted to schedule a 2nd interview with our executive board. This would be done via Zoom video call.
Step 5: Job Offer. If our executive board grants approval for you to join our company, we will extend a formal job offer.